There may be many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, although not all of them are impossible to handle. Sometimes, with the treatment of other underlying medical problems, erectile dysfunction can be quickly reversed. To learn about the cause and seek care, it is important to see a doctor for erectile dysfunction. The three most common causes of erectile dysfunction are listed here.


Think of your penis as the light of your power system. Often, the first symptom you find is erectile dysfunction as heart issues suddenly occur. In order to allow the penis to be erect, it requires a large amount of blood supply. Not enough blood can be injected into the field if there are issues with your heart health. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity include some of the health problems that this may mean.



If you think that your erectile dysfunction is due to the drugs you are taking, take your doctor's list of medications and ask them to scan for adverse effects on any of them. You will also find out if it is a natural side effect of all of the drugs from your pharmacist. There are many care options for certain medical problems, but there is no need to sit in isolation. Tadacip, Aurogra 100 mg, Caverta, Fildena and Sildalist are medicines to treat ED.



High concentrations of blood sugar have a direct impact on vascular health. The penis has many veins, and this blood filling is what makes it erect. Your blood can not circulate throughout your body as efficiently as normal when your blood sugar is high. A warning sign of diabetes may often be erectile dysfunction.


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