Fix: How to activate my new Cash App card?

Cash App has introduced its debit card which can be used just like any other bank debit card.

Cash Card is a new feature provided by Cash App to its customers. As the number of users on the Cash app increases day by day, the Cash app introduced its debit card which is known as Cash Card. A cash card is a free customizable Visa debit card, which can be easily linked to a cash app account to shop online or in stores.


Cash cards can be used online or in stores where a normal debit card works. It uses the balance of your Cash App account, so to use it, your Cash App account must have enough money. The cash card is easy to order and activate but still, some users face difficulties while activating their cash card. If you are one of them and want to know how to activate my new cash card, follow the steps below.


Cash cards can be activated in two ways, using QR codes or without using QR codes. Follow the steps below to activate your new Cash App card in a few minutes.


How to activate cash card using QR code?


Open the cash app on your phone.

Click the cart icon at the bottom of your cash app home screen.

Now tap on the image of your cash app card.

Click on the active cash card.

Tap OK when your cash app asks for permission to use the camera.

Scan the QR code using the camera.

Your new cash card is successfully activated.

How to activate cash card without QR code

Open the cash app on your phone.

Click the Cash Card tab at the bottom of your Cash App home screen.

Tap on your cash card image.

Click Activate Cash Card.

Now tap on Use CVV instead.


Enter the CVV and expiration date of your new Cash App card.

These are easy steps to activate your cash app card, if still, you are unable to activate or check contact cash app customer service for the following customer errors on the cash app below.


Get your identity verified on your cash app.

Check if you’re Cash App account is closed.

The cash card received at your home is shown in the Cash app.

Still need help, then contact cash app customer support.


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