Why Animal Crossing Fans Should Play Littlewood

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be out for almost a year, and players could be thinking about buying a new game using a similar theme when they wait for the snow to melt on their own islands. Littlewood, a slice-of-life simulation game that released on PC in August 2020, is going to be available for Nintendo Switch on February 25, and it could possibly be just the thing for Switch owners searching for games like Animal Crossing.

Littlewood starts a lot like Animal Crossing, together with the player motivated to build a town on the ground up. While the main character doesn't come from a tent or remove loans, building the city is a steady and rewarding process. Essential buildings are gradually upgraded to get more efficient and provide more help crafting the needed facilities, furniture, and decorations to bring the location to life.

Animal Crossing fans who buy Animal Crossing Fencing to enjoy daily interactions making use of their town's villagers will see a similar feature in Littlewood. As this town's population grows on account of the player's working hard, new NPCs will arrive and request for the player to build them a property. However, players may have much more than Animal Crossing's 10-resident limit, while using games allowing towns brimming with many residential structures.

For people who enjoy having wanted a chance to raise more than merely pumpkins and flowers in Animal Crossing, Littlewood provides a nice balance. While there are several daily tasks and keep players busy from your beginning in Littlewood, they will also grow various types of fruit trees, plant cute gardens packed with vegetables, or raise various livestock, like sheep and chickens. The products these animals make along with the produce from all of these gardens can often craft all kinds of recipes players unlock while building their town.

Players usually take their time building their town, nevertheless, they will also unravel a mystical story as they take advantage of the farming, building, and socializing necessary to progress, giving an even more in-depth experience anywhere int the planet.

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