Innovative Approaches to Improve Laparoscopic Surgery

To summarize the vision system, automatic instruments and industrial robot-assisted surgical system are the 3 major current innovations that have made laparoscopy a lot better; we hope that many more innovations will come in the future to aid the surgeons.

We all have come across technological innovations in various fields such as sports, cooking, gaming, military and medical science among the many, laparoscopic surgery is no different when it comes to innovation. 

Laparoscopic surgery is a modern surgical technique that is widely popular with surgeons as well as patients, due to its several benefits like low risks, minimal pain, and fast recovery, it can be used to treat several life-threatening diseases such as hernia, colorectal cancer, Crohn's disease, etc. 

Today we will discuss the technological improvements in laparoscopic surgery.

A brief on laparoscopic surgery

Just like you don’t read a novel from the middle, you should not jump straight into the technological developments of the surgical procedure, before knowing about it.

Laparoscopy is the name given to the surgical procedure in which Laparoscopic Surgeons in Jaipur use an instrument called a laparoscope to make small incisions near the area of infection and then operate on it, this technique is much better and precise than open surgery.

Patients operated by laparoscopy get several benefits such as minimal postoperative pain, fast recovery, minimal bleeding, and a painless procedure; in short, it is the most preferable surgical procedure for both the patient and surgeon.

Innovations in laparoscopy

The innovations mentioned here are followed by all major hospitals across the world; adopting these ideas will make the procedure even safer and more precise.

Vision system: - It is a very critical part of the procedure; a camera is like the eyes of the doctor, even though the camera has been used for several years in Fissure Surgery by Laser and various other treatments, there has always been a keen interest in improvement and innovation of imaging devices.

 Researchers have worked on developing 3d cameras, improving the image quality, and increasing the range of the camera’s lens which will improve the precision of the operation.

This innovation of the vision system has been done in two ways.

  1. The use of a multi-view autostereoscopic device allows the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Jaipur to see multiple POV inside the patient’s body without inserting an extra instrument in it.
  2. To deploy a magnetically activated wired robot that has a stereoscopic vision.

Automatic instruments: - Using manual instruments can increase the chances of error which can be fatal to the patient and can result in loss of the hospital’s reputation.

Researchers have worked to automate the laparoscope and other instruments used in laparoscopy.

The main focus is to use teleoperated surgical robots and improve the instruments all together for the betterment of safety, sterility, and adaptation.

Industrial robot-assisted surgical system: - A robotic surgical system known as the da Vinci surgical system, it was the first surgical system to be approved by FDA and is the most preferred system in the market.

It has 4 interactive arms, one is used for camera control and the others are used to control the instrument, trained surgeons like Dr. Vipin Jain use a console to control the robot’s arms during operation.

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