What Are the Different Types of Essay Writing?

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There are many types of essay writing that students have to face through their academic life. However, there are four basic in the most common types of essay writing is used all around the globe for all levels of education regardless of any nature. These four types are narrative, descriptive, expository, and argumentative essay writing.

It is difficult for students to understand the requirements of each type. Students have to work hard to meet the requirements and standards of every type of essay writing. One of the things that worry students is the lack of understanding of the requirements. Students are recommended to get professional essay help in case of any kind of difficulty. It is good to ask for help or else you would follow the wrong direction throughout the writing process.

Today we will discuss the four basic types of essay writing that can help students to complete their assignments according to the standards and requirements are given by the college or university.

Narrative essay writing

Narrative essay writing is all about telling the story from a specific point of view. Another thing about narrative essay writing is that there is always a reason to tell a story. Without a reason, your narrative essay writing will be of no use. The narrator's essay writing has characters along with the plots, and climax throughout the story. The purpose of plotting is to stay focused throughout the story.

It is important to include all the emotional and sensational details so that readers can easily experience the story instead of just reading it. Always support your story by giving the relevant points along with the references in the very beginning. Never forget to write in the first or third person throughout the writing process.

Descriptive essay writing

The purpose of descriptive essay writing is to explain the characteristics of the factors. These factors can be an object, event, feelings, or people. It is important to only examine and describe the details. These details can be their appearance, color, or anything that can describe the specific factor. The objective of descriptive essay writing is to involve the senses of the readers along with the emotions.

Expository essay writing

Expository essay writing is all about exploring, discussing, and comparing the issues. However, it also includes a small amount of storytelling element but its purpose is greater than that just telling a story. The expository essay writing always explains the necessary details to the readers. It is important to keep the context concise so that readers can easily understand the purpose of writing. Furthermore, it is important to provide a different point of view for a subject. Make sure that you describe and explain things that are difficult to understand for the readers.

Argumentative essay writing

Throughout argumentative essay writing, the writer has to convince the readers of a specific point of view. There you have to explain the validity of the selected topic officer writing. It is never easy to convince readers. The only thing that can convince the uterus is the logical facts and the evidence. This evidence should be relevant and should support the selected topic of the essay writing.

This evidence can be in the form of statistics and numerical form. It is not about giving opinions throughout the argumentative essay writing, but here the writer has to provide the argument against something by providing the logical facts along with the evidence to convince the readers throughout the writing process.


It’s not easy for the students to deal with variant types of essay writing. However, understanding the requirements of each type can help students to meet the standards of writing effectively and efficiently. The above-mentioned details would allow you to follow the right track throughout the process of writing.

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