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Grinding Gear Games has released patch notes for Path of Exile patch 3.13.1c. Now you can better POE Currency Buy to enhance your strength in the game. The improvements in the ritual include: when using blood-filled blood vessels, the prophecies of the monster treasure will no longer be activated on the map. In addition, when you stop moving during these ritual encounters, the foul ritual encounter only applies to poisonous vines. There are also some fixes for specific rituals, including:

    On maps using bloodshot ships, the prophecies of monster treasure can no longer be activated.
    Now, if you stop moving during a ritual encounter, the dirty ritual encounter only applies to poisonous vines.
    Now, getting the basic ritual type challenge requires you to exchange the tribute for 9 of the 27 basic ritual types.
    Fix bug: If all monsters spawned in the ritual circle are killed, the ritual altar will not be able to interact with it.
    Fixed a bug, if you are too close to the altar, sometimes you can't start encountering withering.
    Fixed a bug where certain monsters might stay still during ritual encounters.
    Fixed a bug where certain monsters affected by the conqueror might not be visible in the ritual encounter.
    Fixed a bug where certain monsters affected by elders could be protected from damage for a short time after being resurrected in a ritual encounter.
    Fixed a bug where the boss on the Spider Lair map would sometimes disappear when completing a ritual encounter near the boss.

The patch also brings a lot of "overall improvements" to the game, such as reducing the life of the Tier 4 Harvest boss, and you can use POE Orbs to defeat him more easily. The patch also released some crash fixes for the entire game. include:

    Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Roc Sentinel Legion monster as a ghost.
    Fixed a crash that could occur during a crawling avalanche encounter in Tul.
    Fixed common instance crashes.

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