Augmented Reality Trends That Will Transform Today & Tomorrow

Know about the future augmented reality trends of 2021 and beyond to transform the digital evolution for better productivity. 

Augmented reality technology is undergoing exponential growth in today's era amid high demand and practical applications. Regardless of size and industry, it's making a significant difference for businesses by boosting their productivity. 

As AR technology has already moved from marketing gimmicks to real-life problem solver, there are still many things remaining to explore. This decade will be the biggest accelerator for AR, and in this article, we will look at transforming AR trends of 2021 and beyond.


Trend 1: Enhanced photography experience

AR development in mobile photography will bring the next paradigm shift in the upcoming time. As of now, mobile phone manufacturers are already integrating LiDAR sensors. These advanced sensors help the camera to sense objects with higher accuracy. 

These high-precision sensors in portable devices like mobile phones and tablets will also improve AR apps' browsing experience. With the integration of camera processing with AR, smartphones can render professional-grade images without any post-production work. This trend will go mainstream in the upcoming time, and more smartphone manufacturers will start integrating this functionality. 


Trend 2: Augmented Reality in Business

The market valuation of augmented reality will be around $198 billion by 2025 as more businesses are leveraging it. Be it consumer retail, automotive, aerospace, or healthcare industry, AR's demand is surging at a rapid pace. In the upcoming time, more traditional business domains will adopt AR to grow their customer service. 

Core industries like oil gas, mining, food are integrating AR with their existing processes to boost productivity. In near time, business owners will be able to scale their services with better user experience convenience. AR will not be limited to customers' mobile phones; even the in-store experience will get a facelift.


Trend 3: AR integration with artificial intelligence 

AR digital solutions integrated with AI and machine learning technologies will bring more productive output in industries like automotive and manufacturing. Self-learning technologies, including AI and machine learning, will improve AR recognition patterns. It will help engineers to perform complex tasks with faster turnaround and reduced errors. 

AI and AR combination will make data gathering and analysis more accurate so that engineers can make better data-driven decisions. This combination will enhance the existing training modules, and it can transfer knowledge within the new team members in a faster way. 


Trend 4: Enhanced remote assistance

Augmented reality services are the future of improved remote assistance jobs. It will help individuals to understand and execute work with minimum friction. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand and availability for remote assistance will grow, and AR will make the coordination seamless. 

It will not replace the telephonic or remote video meeting; however, it will enhance the existing communication modes. Online businesses like ticket bookings centres, data entry, tech support, and more will see a massive surge. AR will play a significant role in helping these businesses deliver better and faster services to their customers. 


Trend 5: Virtual manual and training resources

Using advanced technologies like WebRTC, multiple parties can experience AR demonstrations at the same time. This type of innovation will help in better execution of training modules with real-time remote assistance. Augmented reality app development will grow to solve problems regarding making the training resources more productive. 

With this future-focused trend, communicating parties can send and receive AR-based videos in real-time with lower latency. This implementation can play an instrumental role in the automotive manufacturing industry where the teams work at different locations. 

Trend 6: Indoor navigation 

Along with outdoor AR-based navigation systems, this technology is gradually finding its implementation in indoor campuses also. As malls, co-working properties, and hotels are getting bigger; engineers use AR for indoor navigation. This technology will bring more value to the people as it will help in saving time. 

Many architects are already installing AR navigation systems inside central premises to improve the overall user experience. As all AR devices are interconnected with a shared Wifi, the devices work seamlessly with accurate coordination. Augmented technology for indoor navigation is the future of enhanced navigation.


Trend 7: AR Events

We are gradually witnessing more AR events amid the pandemic as companies are launching their products virtually. This futuristic trend is here to stay with us because organising an AR event is much more cost-effective and engaging. 

Be it mobile companies, or car manufacturers, everyone wants to hire the best augmented reality companies to make their event stand out. AR-based virtual events gather more engagement as they are handy to watch together, even from remote locations. Even if companies play for their custom platforms, the augmented reality app cost will be fractions of the cost of swanky launch events. 


Future of Augmented Reality

All these trends will bring a digital transformation in every company regardless of industries. As the availability and training for AR will grow, more companies will adopt this advancement. Companies are willing to scale their business leveraging AR, and this technology is here to stay with us for a very long time. 

Be it healthcare, automotive, aerospace, or sales marketing; how customers interact with business will change drastically. AR is the only path that will take companies to digital success to cater to the growing customer demands for higher personalisation. While considering the growing demands, many professional hubs are offering augmented reality in Australia and other countries. If you are a business owner, then it's the right time to adopt AR and thrive online. 



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