How To Decide If You Need To Repair Or Replace Your AC?

Everything in this world comes with an expiry date, even electronic equipment, and air conditioners are no exception.

Everything in this world comes with an expiry date, even electronic equipment, and air conditioners are no exception. If you have installed an AC at your home or office, know that after a specific period, you will be faced with a situation where you will have to decide if you should replace or repair your air conditioner. The situation can be tricky and may require professional advice. With the same in mind and being an AC Repair provider in Bhopal, we have come up with this blog post to help you make a better decision when it comes to deciding if you should consider repairing or replacing your AC. So, without wasting any time, let us get started.

It does not matter how better you have taken care of your AC throughout the time, an aging air conditioner will surely display its aging signs (malfunctions). If your device is approaching its expected life, it may be time to just replace it.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the annual energy consumption and efficiency of a device during normal daily use. The air conditioners with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio tend to be more energy-efficient. If your air conditioner has low SEER, it would be better for you to replace it rather than considering a repair.

The cost of repairs versus the cost of replacement

Air conditioner repair can be of varying complexity, volume, and cost! Each repair/replacement scenario is unique to the property and the homeowner's expectations. A professional technician can provide you with an estimate of the repair cost, as well as provide specific reasons for replacing the equipment.

Comfort and new technologies

When deciding whether to repair or replace an air conditioner, homeowners should consider whether their cooling needs are met by the current unit. If you need a replacement or AC service, you should also consider if your AC unit can satisfy your needs or not. We have listed down a couple of questions that you should ask yourself before you come up with a decision:

  • Is my air conditioner loud?
  • Have I noticed temperature fluctuations in my home?
  • Does the air conditioner cool my home the way I expect it to?
  • Why my electricity bills higher than my neighbor are’s with the same size home?

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