Advanced skin and wellness treatments at Luxe MD Aesthetics

Advanced skin and wellness treatments at Luxe MD Aesthetics

Advanced skin and wellness treatments at Luxe MD Aesthetics


Luxe MD Aesthetics is a renowned boutique-style medspa offering a wide range of world-class aesthetic treatments using the state of the art technology and tools. We, at Luxe MD Aesthetics, offer the best platelet rich plasma facial rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Bikas Sharma is a cosmetic specialist, a renowned physician with years of experience, and is known for his excellence in providing customized treatments to meet the needs of the patients. Dr. Bikas Sharma is a prized physician who has won many honors and testimonials over the years. He is known for his expertise in treating patients with preventative care and problem-solving by encouraging patients to get healthy. He also encourages the use of alternative medicine and follows an integrated approach.


We offer a range of skin, hair, and wellness treatments which include platelet rich plasma for hair restoration (PRP), laser treatments, etc. Hair thinning or receding hair can make both men and women look less attractive, and youthful. PRP therapy will reduce the symptoms of early hair loss and also stimulate hair follicles to produce new growth. The treatment will reduce the impact of cosmetics on your scalp and maintain growth by increasing the blood supply to the follicles and increasing hair thickness.


If you are looking for any kind of aesthetic or cosmetic treatment, Luxe MD Aesthetics is the best choice you can ever make.


If you want to lose weight the right way, we offer a medically supervised weight loss program tailored for you. Under this program, help you navigate the complex process of reaching your body goals by establishing an individualized, medically supervised weight loss program that is ideal for your unique physiology and lifestyle.‍ We help you to lose weight quickly and safely, with goals that are realistic and strategies that are sustainable.


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