Magento Vs. Prestashop: Choosing the perfect eCommerce platform

The world of the eCommerce market is slowly on the rise. And with each passing day even more numbers of merchants are choosing to take their products and services online by creating an eCommerce store for their business. Because to survive in today’s competitive marketplace, it is crucia

However, choosing the correct eCommerce platform can be a quite daunting task for merchants. Because every business has different requirements that are catered by a specific eCommerce platform and no two eCommerce platforms are alike in functions and features. Among the plethora of eCommerce stores available in the market, Prestashop and Magento are amongst the two most popular eCommerce platforms. Merchants can easily work with Magento eCommerce development company to create an amazing online store using these platforms. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into some of the major differences between Magento and Prestashop. But before we dive into that, let us take a look into the basic introduction about them.


What is Magento?

Magento is one of the oldest and most flexible solutions for setting up an eCommerce store in the market. This amazing platform is built upon the Php technology and it has an open-source codebase. Due to this, it can aid merchants in creating highly flexible and personalized eCommerce stores. It is loaded with tools for creating custom PWAs and extensions.

What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is an amazing self-hosted eCommerce platform that can easily aid merchants in setting up their online store within a few clicks. It is known for its ease of use, and user-friendly backend which makes it easier for beginners to get started with this platform. Also, it is backed by a decent developer community as well.


Magento Vs Prestashop

Although Prestashop and Magento are both self-hosted platforms there are a number of visible differences between them. And these visible differences directly affect the type of business requirements they cater to. So in order to make the right choice, understanding their features, and how these two platforms are different from each other is crucial for merchants. Below is a detailed list of some of the major differences between these two platforms:


    1. Magento and Prestashop are both known to be user friendly. However, when we compare the backend of these two platforms, Prestashop is much easier to operate than Magento. As Magento was initially designed for merchants who have basic knowledge of technology. 
    2. Since Prestashop and Magento are known to be self-hosted platforms, their performance largely depends on the type of hardware a merchant uses for hosting their online store. However, in the case of large scale websites, Magento offers better performance as compared to Prestashop.

    3. Magento also offers more developers tools to encourage merchants in creating a personalized solution for their online store. But as compared to Magento, Prestashop does not offer the same degree of freedom.

To wrap up

Prestashop and Magento are both amazing eCommerce platforms that can aid merchants in creating unique and out of box websites. However, for beginners and merchants with zero technical knowledge, Prestashop is a more suitable choice. But in the case of merchants who are planning to build flexible and a personalized online store for their business, Magento would be the perfect platform. Hence, we can conclude that both of these platforms are unique and capable of catering to different business requirements

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