Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2020

For sure, not even the global pandemic can slow love! The engagement season has been on, and new engagement ring trends are on display.


Couples and designers have become more creative with ring shopping. If you have dated for a long, it's your time to put a ring on her finger. 

Go for a 2 carat diamond ring, and the woman in your life will forever appreciate it. That way, you will strongly have cemented your love and relationship. Your engagement moments deserve spectacular and precious things. Rest assured that a unique and beautiful engagement will melt your lover's heart!

When buying a ring, ensure to get it from a shop that can offer jewelry repair services. You are going to need such services in the future. It may be resizing, coloring, and even metal fitting. Are you planning to walk down the aisle any time soon? You will find many trending engagement rings to choose from.

Trending engagement rings for 2020

1. Bandy style rings

The wedding landscape is ever-changing, and jewelry designers have seen clients seek bandy style engagement rings. There has been a rising need for a 2-carat diamond ring that can serve as engagement rings as well as a wedding band. Choosing the best ring for your partner is a great way to show great love.

2. Oval halo 2-carat diamond ring

You may want something unique that stands out when it comes to shaping. Go for ovals. Oval halo diamond ring is great in highlighting carat weight and flatters every finger.

Many celebrities are have sported oval halo diamond, which has made it popular in 2020. The 2-carat diamonds that surround this kind of ring makes it quite stunning.

3. Colorful diamonds and gemstones

Many brides are opting for a pop of color when it comes to engagement rings. That vibrant 2-carat diamond ring and gemstones are gorgeous and elevates engagement ring style. But ensure to purchase your ring from shops that offer jewelry repair services since you will require them some to come. Do you seek to express your style with color? This trend will be perfect to consider.

4. Stackable engagement rings

You got it right with this type of engagement ring if you love fashion-forward style. This kind of engagement right is becoming popular to many who love jewelry and dressing up fingers. Go for a 2-carat diamond ring, which is stackable, and your partner will never say no to your engagement proposal.

5. Classic solitaire 2-carat engagement ring.

 This type of engagement ring has remained a popular choice for many. While the style appears simple, the focus on the diamond makes it stand out. Ensure the setting of the ring complements the shape of your partner's hand and finger.


When looking for trending engagement rings, go for unique jewelry that the woman in your life will fall in love with. 2-carat diamond ring has become the face of the latest trends in the market. Purchase your engagement ring from a reputable shop where you will get jewelry repair services when need be.