Ensure your Commercial Kitchen is Highly Functional

When you own any kind of commercial establishment where you have a commercial kitchen that produces goods for the public, there are a lot of things that you need to have in your commercial kitchen that functions optimally as well as in an extremely hygienic manner.

Such things like sanitation stations, chopping stations, enough equipment, as well as a functionally designed commercial kitchen space. The latter is the most imperative and can be achieved when one hires foodservice design consultants.

You might be asking what a foodservice design consultant is and how they can benefit you and your commercial kitchen. Continue reading as we discuss foodservice design consultants. The services that are offered by foodservice design consultants are vital for many reasons, which we will discuss below.

The main job of foodservice design consultants is to draft a much better and highly functional commercial kitchen for you. Foodservice design consultants use their expert industry knowledge to draft up a 3D design of what your new commercial kitchen will look like. But there is more to it than just the aesthetic look of your commercial kitchen that goes into the design consultant’s 3D design of your potentially new commercial kitchen.

Firstly, to draft a new 3D design of your potentially new commercial kitchen, the foodservice design consultant first needs to know what your current layout and set-up is, and they need to meet with you to discuss the things that you would like changed. Having done this, the foodservice design consultant will then go and draft their conception for your kitchen, making sure they have included your input before designing the 3D layout.

Remember when we said earlier on in this article that there are many factors that go into the design of a commercial kitchen, and that more aspects have to be regarded besides just the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen? Well, those things can include the inlet and outlet channels and where they are situated in your commercial kitchen, the safety aspect, certain health guidelines, how a revised layout can increase productivity levels of the commercial kitchen, and how the foodservice design consultant can rectify any current problems of your commercial kitchen, but they are not limited to just these factors. This is because many commercial kitchens differ from establishment to establishment.

After receiving the layout plans for your new commercial kitchen from the foodservice design consultant, you will then need to find a construction team that is capable of doing the layout you have the plans for, if your foodservice design consultant does not offer the service of renovating according to their plans, as many do not. It would be more advisable to select a foodservice design consultant that can also renovate your kitchen afterwards, as it not only allows you to build a better professional relationship, but it also cuts down on any additional costs, any mistakes made from a third party, as well as ensures that the renovation can be done faster so you can get back to producing goods for the public.

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