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The custom neodymium magnet is a very small market in the magnet business,so customer is hard to find a company whom can offer them good custom magnet service.

The custom neodymium magnet is a very small market in the magnet business,so customer is hard to find a company whom can offer them good custom magnet service.

  In the magnet business, most of the customer just buy the normal magnet. Most of the time, that is big size and very special shape, So there 2 question:


  Lots of china magnet factory hard to offer the magnet over 60mm. So we said the length over 60mm is big magnet. But why it is 60mm, not 50mm or 70mm, or 100mm? That s because the 60mm is a normal magnet machine’s maximum if over 60 mm, it needs other machines to produce and that cost is very high. Because that does not upgrade one machine, that needs upgrade the whole production system. If they do not have enough order, that will be a big risk for the enterprise. But Zhijiang offer Neodymium Disc Magnet. Custom Neodymium Magnet


  We think normal shape means Disc, Ring, Block, Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder Sphere and Arc shape is one type of special shape magnet. Because lots of small factories cannot produce them. Maybe we can say, these small factory cannot produce them in good quality and in time. It is hard for the small factory to produce special shape magnet. It needs the skilled worker to make it. Likes that, tolerance for the normal magnet is 0.5mm, but for a special magnet that is 0.1mm. It is a big problem for magnet who does not has experience. Even they make the sample, but it will be a big problem for mass production. Custom Neodymium MagnetSupply Custom Neodymium Magnet Service


  We have skilled worker and we have experience with the special shape magnet and big size magnet production.

  Welcome contact us to request pricing for custom magnet, so let’s illustrate you how the ordering process works:

  Send us an email

  Or fill out the custom magnet quote request in contact Zhijiang magnet

  If you want a special shape and that is hard to describe, please attached a drawing or a rough sketch which help us know what you are looking for.

  1. Zhijiang Magnet will review your request within 1-2 business days. we will send you an email to ask for more information if there are any questions or problems. And at the same time, we will check our stock to check is there any magnet that matches or is similar to your request. If we are lucky to find stock magnets are available, and then the production will be much more quickly.

  2. Zhijiang magnet will email custom a quote for each magnet shape/size/grade which is the customer interested in. In order to make sure all information is correct, each custom magnet will have a unique part/quote number.

  And We will mention you a minimum order amount for custom magnet orders.

  3. When you get the quote, must review the quote carefully, to ensure all data matches your specifications.

  If you decide not to proceed with the custom magnet order, no further action is required. If you confirm the order, please make sure the quote number is right when placing an order.

  4. About the shipping, we will offer you estimate cost, or you can ask your shipping agent or forwarded to contact us.

  5. Once we receive your order, you will be charged for the magnets and shipment.

  At this point, the process of making your magnets begins. And in this period, we are not able to cancel or modify the custom magnet order after this process has begun. When your Sm2Co17 Magnet are completed, we will ship them to you with your order.

  6. Leading time requires up to 5-7 weeks after we get the deposit. And please note, that is normal leading time. Sometime will delay 2-4 weeks. (As the custom magnet is special goods, so we do not accept any request of reducing the leading time. SO, no quicker service)


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