CV8480-001 Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 8-Bit Coming On the Way

CV8480-001 Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 8-Bit Coming On the Way

New Jordan In addition to paying tribute to Roswell Regon, Nike Air Flight'89 has made little contribution in the past few months. However, after the recent exposure, it seems to be slowly beginning to change, and its outline may prepare a small roster to complement its new "team red" color scheme. Inspired by retro, the scheme first used its nominal shadow, placing it on the outline of the Swoosh logo, the trim of the sole, and the outline of the forefoot paneling. Although it can also see "air" on the tongue, it is quickly stopped by black clothes calligraphy and matching eyes. Elsewhere, the construction is almost completely white, and its leather panels are rarely interrupted because it wraps the toes to the heels.

As the player culture shifts to the mainstream, Nike Umbrella has prepared a release to meet this trend. In addition to the Air Jordan 1s, which won the trophy for the League of Legends, the brand also sparked nostalgia with Air Force 1 and applied many themed signatures to the 8-bit era. These effects now further occupy the shadow variants of the outline, and the degree of modification of its Swoosh logo is close to excessive. Although the overall shape is still the same, the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 8-Bit appearance is much more unique. Movement is imitated by the double-layer paneling-translucent on the outside, smooth blue on the inside, two jagged, pixel cut. In contrast, the uppers in other places are more low-key, because the black dye makes the model's usual deconstruction dress up vividly. The collar is then decorated with a little orange to match the middle check. The brand (including the heel and tongue) has multiple logos at the same time, and the extra "air" along the decoration assumes a perfect theme design.

For the past few launches of inline Jordan flagships, the brand has been providing Guo Ailun with his own set of PEs. In addition, the Air Jordan XXXV PF DNA Black Chile Red White , dressed in white and blue, still maintains the tradition. Its now officially launched "Morpho" color scheme is a tribute to the Chinese athlete. Compared with the basketball star’s past works, the AJ35 is more straightforward. Its colors are brighter, the tones are brighter, and the tones are colder. The fender on the frame is white, and the lace part and collar are black. In the theme blues, then, quickly snatched the spotlight, dripped on the strings, and wore most of the tools, eclipse disk and side profile. More importantly, some rainbow-colored panels can be found in the space above, and its Trapeze brand loosely complements the Chinese text on the heel tag.


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