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In order to help you prepare for the event and give you a better understanding of Endless Delve’s expectations, Grinding Gear Games has released frequently asked questions about "Endless Stealth in Path of Exile", involving categories, thresholds, etc. You can visit Google's regular store POECurrency, where you can purchase POE Currency and all other normal trading currencies.

The event will start at 12p Pacific Standard Time (PST) on December 11 for a week. This event will see you playing Azurite Mine. Remember, you will not need sulfites to develop. In addition, you will start at level 1 with a 40-level Scroll of Wisdom, your normal class skills and auxiliary gems on the Twilight Chain, a pair of small life flasks, a small mana flask, and five unique entry items.

These courses will receive the unique introductory items described: Maruader, Templar, Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist and Scion. You will be able to make a new character to get multiple copies of the item. The FAQ also talks about skill points and thresholds for take-off, as follows: Passive: 3 levels, each level is 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 Scenarios: 33, 55, 68 , Level 75.

The FAQ also answers whether to perform Delve progress descriptions by role or by account: "Usually, it is shared between roles in the same league, but in this case, it is conducted by role. This way , People can’t understand a character deeply, then quickly make other characters and complete an encounter to collect multiple copies of the Demigod authority. Delve upgrades purchased with azurite will not be shared between characters. Your collection will be shared as usual."

GGG also answered how to participate in the event: on the role selection screen, there is a panel below the role, which lists the available events. You can join the event by clicking "Join". This option becomes available half an hour before the event. Your character will not be able to move before the event. Before the event starts, players can Buy POE Currency to enhance the game's strength.

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