Top Dominican Republic Retirement Communities

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The perfect life would be one where you get to have the luxury of residing in paradise after retirement. But where exactly is ‘heaven on earth’, you ask? Well, the Dominican Republic, of course.  

A retirement in the Dominican Republic may sound like a plan that’s far out of your budget, which you’ve set aside for your life, post-retirement. But that’s about the biggest misconception you could possibly have about this place. Get to learn all there is to know about Dominican Republic retirement communities to better understand how wonderful it really is to retire in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Retirement in All Its Glory

What exactly should you expect when deciding to retire in the Dominican Republic? Surprisingly affordable living, affordable health insurance and lots of sunshine.   

Situated on the Caribbean Island, you will find numerous white sand beaches here, however, beaches aren’t all the DR is known for. One of the many attractions of the Island, is the variety in opportunity for experiences, ranging from world famous golf courses, to amazing water parks, hiking trails, and mountain peaks, the Dominican Republic will never bore you.

Top Dominican Republic Retirement Communities-Las Terrenas

How to Get Started?

The process for moving into one of the Dominican Republic retirement communities starts with you having a Dominican Republic residence. In order to obtain that, you must start by providing various kinds of documents to the Dominican Republic consulate in USA, once the Dominican Government stamps your passport, you’re clear, and all set to fly to the Dominican Republic.

Upon landing, you will be made to go through a few more steps, after which you will be awarded temporary residency, which comes with a Dominican Identity card. After an additional four years, you are upgraded to permanent residency.

Dominican Republic Retirement Perks

So, besides the postcard worthy scenic beauty, what more does the Dominican Republic have to offer? Well, from a retirement planning point of view, there’s far more than you could think of.

The health services in the Dominican Republic are outstanding, with highly qualified doctors and nurses at your service. In your retirement years, you simply cannot compromise on the quality and easy availability of health services, which is something that has been taken care of in all Dominican Republic retirement communities. Apart from the premium quality healthcare services, healthcare insurance is also offered at very low costs, which is a major bonus when considering retirement in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Government has made it incredibly affordable to live in the Dominican Republic, due to the moderate temperature all year round, tropical fruits are found in abundance, and local restaurants are super affordable along with offering great taste.

The Dominican Republic is growing more and more popular among retirees and expats, most of whom are found residing in Las Terrenas, which has many international supermarkets and grocery stores, stunning white sand beaches, plenty of places for fine dining, and of course securely gated Dominican Republic retirement communities.

Dominican Republic Retirement Perks

Investing in a Dominican Republic Retirement Visa might just be the smartest move you might make for yourself. With everything made available to you for so much cheaper than in the United States or Europe, retiring in the Dominican Republic seems like a no brainer.

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