Let us witness the evolution of Jordan shoes

Let us witness the evolution of Jordan shoes

Air Jordan X. Available in 1995. "I'm back", Jordan Shoes Sale UK 17 months, Jordan returned to the basketball court and the world shook a few times because of the trapeze. The launch of the AJ10 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Jordan series. It also marks the birth of a myth of a sports brand. In history, no player endorsement series has lasted so long. The most special place of the AJ10 is its sole, which records the honor and special experience that Jordan obtained from 10 years from 1985 to 1994, making people once again pay homage to the trapeze. The AJ10 can be seen in the design of some modern sneakers. 1995 was a peak in the design of sports shoes. The AJ10 looks more concise. You can't even find any Jordan and Nike logo on the upper. Sole and heel appear. The technology still uses built-in air cushions, the lace buckle uses an elastic band design, the laces are still round, and the lifting ring is added on the heel. Except for Jordan, many stars including Pippen were wearing these shoes at the time
AJ11 is not only the masterpiece of the Air Jordan series, Yeezy 350 For Sale also has a profound impact on the entire Nike basketball shoes and the entire basketball shoe industry. AJ11 breakthroughly used patent leather as the upper material, making it a special symbol of high-end basketball shoes since then. At the same time, the full palm built-in air cushion technology was used for the first time, and the full palm carbon fiber support plate was used in the midsole, which made the entire pair of shoes achieve the shock absorption index. (Built-in air cushion may be too soft for inside players, but this kind of shock absorption is just right for defenders and small forwards. The comfort and fast response of the field are not inferior to any pair of full-zoom zoom technology sneakers.) The crystal rubber compressed from artificial rubber has a transparent sole, which is very beautiful. The mesh body of the shoe body makes the weight of the whole pair of shoes greatly reduced. The AJ11 is the lightest of the Air Jordan series. The development of the AJ11 for the Air Jordan series and even the entire basketball shoe is more than just a classic. We can consider that AJ11 is the watershed between old basketball shoes and modern basketball shoes, and is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes development.

Air Jordan XII. Available in 1996. Buy Jordans 2019 classic of the Jordan series. The biggest feature of this pair of shoes is the use of distinctive DURABACK materials, combined with natural leather uppers, the entire pair of shoes has achieved maximum stability. DURABACK can prevent sprained bare feet when landing, and the shoe body is lighter. Jordan's request at that time was to feel barefoot. AJ12 is also the first pair of Jordan shoes with full palm zoom air cushions, and all Jordan shoes used in the future were changed to zoom air. This type of air cushion is thin and tough, and is very close to the ground. It absorbs strength and bounces quickly, providing continuous power for players to run fast and bounce continuously. At the same time, a full palm carbon fiber support plate is still used, this design can reduce the burden on the knee.


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