The last excitement that Path of Exile players can enjoy this year

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The POE Heist league released by GGG on September 18th has lasted for more than two months. According to past practice, it should be approaching the end of its life cycle. But because the Cyberpunk 2077 game team decided to set its release time in mid-December, which is very close to the release time of the POE 3.13 expansion. If GGG releases it as scheduled, neither game will be successful but will suffer heavy losses. It means in a sense that the enormous amount of POE Currency prepared by players for this purpose will be temporarily useless.

In view of this situation, many players are very dissatisfied with GGG’s behavior and have left Path of Exile to play other games. This also forces the game team to release some remedial measures as soon as possible to restore the players who are losing. Fortunately, a few days ago, they announced that they will hold three epic events this month until the eve of the POE 3.13 expansion. This is undoubtedly a boost for those players who have been disappointed with Path of Exile.

Now players on PS4 or Xbox One or PC are looking forward to the official arrival of the new event. The exact release time of the first event is December 4th, which is 3 pm the day after tomorrow, the second event is 3 pm on the 11th, and the third event will last three weeks, which will be on the 18th. Issued in the afternoon. They will bring classic league modifiers, event areas in remote areas, and the return of popular mods in past leagues. For the developers of Path of Exile, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Because they will have more time to make more detailed improvements to the uncompleted POE 3.13 expansion in order to give players a more pleasant gaming experience. They said that if there is time left, they will start the release plan to expand POE 3.14, but these are for later. Players’ current task is to try their best to prepare some. If there are still players who are not ready, then go to POE Currency Buy. Every hard-working player will get a significant experience in the event.


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