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Looking for Vasectomy in Georgia

Vasectomy Georgia is conducted under the influence of general anesthesia; although, you could choose to go for local anesthesia as well. The surgery takes about two to three hours to be completed and the anesthesia wears of within a few hours of the procedure after which the patient is allowed to go back home usually the very same day. You will be prescribed some painkillers to relieve discomfort and will also be given post surgical care advice that includes icing the area to reduce and control inflammation. It is essential that you lie down as much as possible and do not undertake strenuous activities for a few days after surgery. You will also be advised against indulging in ****ual activity for about few weeks after the procedure. After a month you will be able to resume normal activities and enjoy a healthy ****ual life. However it is recommended that you wear jockstraps for a few days to provide support to the testicles.

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