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Providing Vasectomy Video

Several factors could make a man become infertile. One of the most common reasons is the administration of prescribed drugs as treatment to specific chronic ailment. However, the main reason that a man becomes infertile is his ability to produce anti-sperm antibodies. This autoimmune sperm condition produces an allergic reaction where the body system becomes sensitive to sperm presence. The immune system starts to generate antibodies that treats and sees the sperm as a form of a threat. The antibodies then proceed to activate and mobilize so they can perform their sperm search and destroy function which can be seen through vasectomy video. The barrier located in the testicles usually protects the sperms. In this case, the immune cells could break through the barrier because of the anti-sperm antibodies. The antigen surface of the sperm makes it possible and easy for the antibodies to detect and locate the presence of the sperm in the body. The antibodies auto response would be to search and destroy the detected sperm.
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