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About Distributed Feedback (DF Lasers - Inphenix Inc.


A #distributedfeedbacklaser (DF is a type of laser diode or optical fiber laser where the active region of the device contains a periodically structured element or diffraction grating.

The spectral width of the Distributed feedback laser is narrow so it gives high output power and emits single-longitudinal mode coherent light. The DFB laser is used in Optic sensors, Fiber optic sensors, Metrology, LiDAR and different spectroscopy applications.

DFB laser - Distributed Feedback Laser by InPhenix

DFB laser - Distributed Feedback Laser by InPhenix

DFB Laser is an edge-emitting semiconductor light source. Compared to DBR Lasers, DFB Lasers are more stable & generate a clean single mode output. Inphenix’s DFB Laser has a simple & low-cost fabrication process and has many advantages