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Assigning Unique Auto Incrementing numbers to the records in the SuiteCRM can prove to be time-saving. Apart from that, there are other numerous benefits associated with this like easily locating and distinguishing the records just on the basis of their respective unique IDs. However, it won’t be effortless to manually assign the auto-incrementing Unique IDs and that too in a sequential manner. But don’t worry there is one no-code solution here. We are talking about SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator, which is a plug-n-play plugin that can empower you with these abilities and much more.

*Features of SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator or Auto-Increment*

In order to understand the plugin more thoroughly, let’s have a look at the functionalities.

1. Auto-Incrementing Unique IDs: This plugin assigns the auto-incremented serial numbers to records in your CRM. And we can guarantee you, there will be no duplicate or re-used numbers/IDs at all.

2. Insert all formats in the numbers: You will be able to create unique IDs of your choice and the good thing is it supports all formats like numeric only, alpha-numeric, letters only, special characters, etc.

3. Use of Prefixes and Suffixes: You can add prefixes and suffixes to customize the unique IDs in your way. In addition, these unique IDs with prefixes and suffixes will also be with auto-incrementing serial numbers.

4. Works in all Modules: The autonumbering by this plugin can be done in all SuiteCRM modules including but not limited to Cases, Invoices, Accounts, Leads, Campaigns, etc. It even supports Custom Build modules.

5. Automatically insert [Current Year]: You will get an option that will automatically insert the current year in the serial numbers. Not only this, the year will be changing on its own. You can use this function if you needed it.

6. Use Padding Character for Fixed Length: As a padding character you can use numbers, alphabets, and special characters too.

7. Assign Serial Numbers to new and old records: Surely there will be records in your CRM before the plugin installation. That’s why we made sure that all your existing records get serial numbers first and once done, the newly created records will get their AutoNumbers.

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