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Looking for a CBD oil for your small breed dog? Look no further! CBDfx's Broad Spectrum CBD Dog Oil is made from non-GMO hemp oil and is formulated to support overall wellness in small dogs. Our CBD Dog Oil (250mg) is an easy to administer liquid that can be dripped underneath the tongue or easily added to food. Plus, the CBDfx Guarantee means you'll always receive pure products + excellent customer service from start to finish!

Benefits of using Hemp Seed oil for Dog?
 Strengthens the immune system
 Supports good heart health
 Improves skin and fur coat
 Supports good heart health
 Promotes joint health
 Supports healthy organ function
 Supports healthy organ function
 Anti-inflammatory
 Reduces shedding and dandruff
 Strengthens the immune system

Some Feature
 100% Natural
 It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect
 Encourages the formation of new cells in the skin
 Nourishes and moisturises the skin without clogging the pores

How to Use: Spray it on the Pet's body concentrating more on the affected areas.

Or Add directly into food, Daily dosage

 Large animals (25kg+ ) = 2ml
 Medium animals ( 10-25kg) = 1ml
 Small animals ( under 10kgs) = 0.5 ml

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