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Devatri Natural Honey is 100% Pure and Healthy without any ****eration. Our Honey is collected directly from the honeybees beehives which are highly nourishing and loaded with absolute therapeutic and ayurvedic properties from the deep forest of Uttrakhand. It contains all-natural antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, minerals and multiple vitamins to maintain optimum level of nutrition in body. We are not following the trends of mixing the honey from cane or corn sugar that ruins the quality of naturally preserved honey by honeybees.

We adhere to the policies & procedure aligned by National Bee Board (NBB) and keep our team updated to work only with native beekeepers and farmers with the latest training, on the job experiences and compliances regarding the Good Beekeeping Practices (GBP).

Devatri Multiflora Honey

Its extracted from the deepest forest of India which are affluent in herbal flora. Devatri’s Multiflora Honey is neither ultrafiltered nor heated, it’s purely added with medicinal value. It helps in rejuvenates the whole body, helpful in treatment of allergies, anti-fungal properties, good for teeth and gums etc.

Why Devatri Multiflora Honey :

Nutrients Rich – Devatri Honey is rich in nutrients including Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus etc.
Instant Immunity Booster – This honey has the power of immunity booster that enhances the power of body.
100% pure – With richness of antioxidants, it is 100% pure and free from chemicals & toxins.
Forest Extracts – Our honey is directly sourced from deep forest of Uttrakhand, keeping the perseverance of mother nature.
Benefits :

Antioxidant and Cough Suppressant
Provides enough probiotic to body.
Boosts Memory & Energy
Fights localized, Seasonal Allergies
Supports good bacteria.

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