SuiteCRM Smart Email Researcher

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Nowadays, most of the business operations are done via emails. Whether it’s getting customer orders or sending invoices to them, we are entirely dependent on the emails. And why not! They are fast and secure. But the problem arises when the email database increases and you need to find the customer’s orders, invoices, and other information. Here, our plugin “SuiteCRM Smart Email Researcher ”comes into the picture. It will allow you to search the email by scanning the content like invoice number within the email. Now, let’s have a look at some more features.

*Features of SuiteCRM Smart Email Researcher*

1. With the help of a dedicated search bar, you’ll be able to search through all emails sent or received in SuiteCRM.

2. For searching a particular email, you can use its subject, TO, From, CC, and BCC (In case, you sent the email from CRM).

3. Compatible with all SuiteCRM modules including all custom modules you might’ve created.

4. In the email search results, you will also be able to see to which record it was linked. In addition, you can also see the module of records.

5. All SuiteCRM plugins we developed to support all versions of Suite.

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