Such as Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul
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Such as Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul

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By completing all the quests available in the game players are rewarded with Quest Point Cape (also referred to as QPC). As the piece of armor, the cape has +9 bonus to all defensive styles. The trimmed version also offers +4 Prayer bonus. This thing comes with an ability to teleport wearer directly to the Legends Guild gates which is quite convenient for those who want to use Fairy Ring transport system.

Additionally players that manage to acquire this cape while playing can buy dreams at a lower cost in the Nightmare Zone and execute a distinctive emote celebrating users great achievement. Even though it is among the most difficult capes to obtain in the Old School RuneScape, the trimmed version of it is even harder to acquire.

To trim a Quest Cape participant need to complete each one of the Achievement Diaries making it incredibly time consuming undertaking. It's also worth mentioning that when fresh quest comes into the game players that wish to utilize the cape need to complete it (even when they acquired cape beforehand). This piece of equipment will hide and may be retrieved from NPC Wise Old Man at Draynor Village.

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