That they said they'd give updates on the modifications
That they said they'd give updates on the modifications Jan 04

That they said they'd give updates on the modifications

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EA certainly have been a little stunned by the groundswell of opinion but even if they did want to throw resources at enhancing Franchise, it's definitely going to take Christmas before anything remotely worth its salt makes its way into the"consumer". And that's critical. FIFA, on the face of this, adds a few bits and pieces to their variant of Franchise every year, but perform for a week and you soon realise that what has been added is really just window-dressing, usually in the form of quite feeble and limited conversation decision trees with agents and players. Nothing of statistical importance that may visibly impact the match on the pitch is additional. It really appears too late in the day to expect anything noteworthy that this year as far as EA are worried the consumer might already have consumed by 2021 so promises will be made for Madden 22 Next Gen.. . Because you know that Madden 22 Legacy Edition is going to be a roster upgrade and nothing else.

I said this in the remarks on Twitter however I will reiterate it . I believe that is the beginning of the steps in the perfect direction, and I feel the are beginning to understand that errors, but till I see advancements, I'll stay skeptical. I can appreciate your optimism, but I'm not convinced in them rolling out anything aside from a patch 60+ days post launch with possibly one decent feature added or say v1.5 of the scenario engine, which is not even near sufficient. They will give us 10 bullets tips of patch notes instead of 8. I won't buy into anything before we really see something. This will be the year that I do not buy Madden, unless they make some MAJOR changes. What I am afraid will happen is they'll have some ambitious thoughts, hurry out it half finished to meet with the deadline, and we might need to wait until Madden 22 to find the"full" experience.

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