So Lately My Membership Ran Out
So Lately My Membership Ran Out Dec 14

So Lately My Membership Ran Out

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New Skiller Worlds - When studying the upgrade, I understood it to mean you could only purchase the store things in mass quantity on those 2 worlds but I only bought 1000 vials in 1 shot on earth 28. So the function of the new worlds are what? Merely to keep out very low level players? 1000 levels is just nothing in P2P. Sounds kinda pointless to me. What am I missing? I am imagining for F2P its so you do not see"looking for a bf" free stuf plz along with other noobly chants at Lumbridge. Same in P2P, and perhaps less rulebreakers should they appreciated their accounts?

Varrock Diary - Among the benefits to the Varrock Armour was accessibility to the Edgeville furnace. The door has been eliminated. Was this Diary advantage replaced with a different one or was it only taken away? They took out the doorway because people went through, but that blocked other men and women. I think you will need the vest to smith? They transferred the furnace two steps off to"counter-act" this shift.

Okay, I am in a bit of a quandary. I am trying to level up My melee and kindness, and I'm having difficulty choosing which one to train , so I thought I'd ask the Sal's People here for assistance: My attack, strength, and protection are at 83. My prayer is 79, and My hitpoints is 87. I'd probably be using prayer for the two monsters, because even asyn shades hit high and frequently, even with Torag's armor (I will be sporting proselyte armor and Saradomin stole, +28 total prayer bonus) and defense potions. Unless someone can convince Me otherwise, I would rather just sell rocktails, rather than use them.

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