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I have been raising hunter for a while today, and my buddy says, at my level, I could make 90k exp per hour in red salamanders, when I create 50k exp per hour in the reddish chinchompas. I wished to know whether that's accurate about salamanders? My second question is that I have a limited quantity of member ship, so which system should I choose (if my buddy is correct )? Red chinchompas, for cash, but I may not get to 99, since I might run out of time, or reddish salamanders for little or no cash, but nearly ensured 99 hunter?

I got 99 hunt, so what I say ( do not wish to brag ) is accurate. When I was 63 search, I went to reddish salamanders and did this to lvl 83. At the time I was doing red sals to grab d imps. I thought that would make me rich. It did not. Chins would have only taking me 3 times longer though. No, you don't make 90k xp an hour performing reddish salamanders.

My advice is, since once you get 80 search chins are quickly, simply do chins until 99. 63-80 makes bout 4.5m or so. So, just search red chinchompas 3 Makes 40m+ these days. Yea, I hunted reddish chinchompas and red salamanders to get 10 minutes each, and if I concentrate, I could get close to 100k at red chins, per hour. At red salamanders, I just got 70k exp per hour. Well thats really good because I do not even make 100k hunt xp at 99. You do not make 100k xp. You can't test it nicely doing 5 minutes. And if you say you tested an hour and say you have 100k, I'll feel obligated to call you a liar. However, you got the reply to your query allready... search chins.

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