I Wanted To Kick Out A Few Tips
I Wanted To Kick Out A Few Tips Dec 08

I Wanted To Kick Out A Few Tips

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You would be correct to be wary of such promises, naturally. Sega has been saying for decades that the game was heading into the US, and then in 2013 declared a delay without explanation. Matters have been mostly quiet since then, although an English language version was released in Southeast Asia not long after.

It has been a long time coming, but Phantasy Star Online 2 is set to make its North American debut this season. Japan's hotly-anticipated online action RPG will start in beta on Xbox One on March 17th. You'll have the ability to begin downloading the client from March 16th. But for enthusiastic PSO2 fans, the match may have been worth the wait. From the get-go it is going to consist of episodes 1-3, representing more than three years' worth of expanded content updates from the start. The open beta will include fully localized text and character voices in English, and when you first log in you'll get your hands on a variety of weapons such as swords, assault rifles, sticks, and gunblades as well as consumable items to get started.

Check out www.pso2ah.com for more details.

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