There'Ll Be People Eager To Do That
There'Ll Be People Eager To Do That Dec 01

There'Ll Be People Eager To Do That

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Autopilot warping ought to be secure in low and higher sec.

Devs will drive a lot of players away if they keep trying to make it EO.Well, it is definitely safe in highsec, you can not even strike in highsec. It's largely safe in lowsec, but maybe not 100% safe, so you still have to see your screen in lowsec, which is bonkers.

The only blockades I've observed, even 12+ players can't seem to lock small ships like Probe CO with touch reduction bonuses. People on here make it seem like it's the end of the planet, but barely anyone I know have actually died from this.I went in with two accounts, alt since thats what the community said was much better in the long run. And I was in to invest my time, but this game's speed is too quick to encourage actual life together with the in-game life.As soon as covid is over and everyone must go outside again, it'll be a ghost city. No new players to make the economy dynamic and it's going be an additional eve with a committed community.

Check out www.EVE for more details.

12/01/20 - 13:00 Start date
12/30/20 - 14:00 End date
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