You Simply Got The Rarest Armor In The Game!
You Simply Got The Rarest Armor In The Game! Nov 30

You Simply Got The Rarest Armor In The Game!

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Which weapon if I purchase to go with this set? - This kinda left my last response obsolete. Well best barrows defence is TORAGS but it has a shocking weapon and astonishing unique ability. However the DHAROKS collection effect is brilliant for training strength even though a little risky. I only have black gloves and a bronze shield ) - This isn't my field of expertise but I'll try anyways. OFFHAND: If you've been able to receive a bronze shield I reccomend putting time into getting a rune one. GLOVES: I hear battle bracelet is great? Sorry I have no thought I use barrows gloves

What's the very best location for a lvl 93 using 74atk 80str 71def to train if utilizing monks? - lvl 93... One thing that is suitable for you. Look this might sound dull rather than answering the query, but it requires a fair time to find a monster that you can train effectively at the you LIKE. Case in point... I have a friend who absolutely refuses to perform Pest Control since he hates it. I love it - go all of the time. We're both nearly the very same levels. I am sorry, other people can answer this question better than I can. I've been utilizing bandits yesteryear or so and leveled two times, but Im curious as to whether there's something better I could do to go up faster. All help is appreciated so talk about what you think I should do. Thanks.

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