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"Everybody needs to do the ideal thing" is only naive if you do nothing about it. This instance does not include the many grey topics where opinions have a place; this is actually a discussion of if you want black people to have rights or not. It is not brave of a business to state that black people deserve rights simply because they'll lose white supremacist customers. It really is quite easy for a company to set out a statement of opinion like this, as we have seen from all the businesses doing this right now like Amazon and the NFL. I really do not understand how it's hard to get a multi-million dollar company to give up a very small fraction of the gains for the greater good. If people who do not like Black Lives Matter make up a Vast Majority of a company's customerbase, then maybe they shouldn't have those gains (not claiming EA's playerbase from BLM, this really is a hyperbolized example)

Why not encourage them in performing both? Because we haven't seen them doing both. Back your words up. Sony managed things better than EA by not only having a statement, but heading after All Lives Issue fans in remarks, fitting donations by a few workers, claiming they'll have more in the upcoming week, also supposedly forming a studio in San Diego led by POC developers. Can EA have something in the works and they desired to find the announcement out first? They could've either held the announcement until they had something to show, or told us exactly what they're going. At the end of the day if you refuse to admit when a business creates a little step you love then how do they ever learn to make a large step you appreciate?

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