I Truly Don'T Understand What Important Improvements
I Truly Don'T Understand What Important Improvements Nov 05

I Truly Don'T Understand What Important Improvements

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Thank you for the inspection. Soccer video games are pretty much the only I like. And it might literally make my life better to have a good game. No worries, I've career, girlfriend, friends lol but nevertheless sad ain't it? I only play franchise, and I will probably still purchase it but as you I didn't expect a lot and, just damn it. smh. I really feel as the NFL is going to induce EA from this picture. Just deal with 2k instead. The dev notes that they published on what changes they created. Basically it was an equivalent of a title upgrade. The whole thing caused a broad point of uproar around the community. I really did enter it today and confirmed my suspicions. I haven't Played 21 however, based on these reviews I do not think I want to, If we all DON'T purchase it! Maybe they'll pull it and do a relunch. . .Maybe I'm no gonna obtain this crap....save you money! This game is a joke, I spent faculty scrambling, run a 4.46 40 yd dash. End with powerful arm QB using a 65 speed.

Sucks folks do not realize in the event that you just continue to play madden 20 and discount 21 for a couple of months EA is likely to make changes if money goes down. Rather we got streamers who have spent 100++ MUT prior to the offical game is even out. I have been doing it 30 year old franchise and I've 99 overalls throughout the board but seemingly 70 overalls normal development will suggest murder and shred Superstar linemen. The departure do not even get me started my 99 overall throw electricity quarterback with 99 deep precision over throws my receiver by roughly 20 yards mind you that is a 99 total QB is a 99 deep accuracy, 99 moderate precision, and 99 short accuracybut still manages to overthrow a 99 overall receiver on slant route. And I've been a having better time playing on Madden 04 afterward on Madden 21.

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