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Eastern lands are intriguing, and I believe they have got lots of possibility, but before we proceed for them I think I would rather see Menaphos and Prifidinas. Also, keeping them ridiculously cryptic is actually exceptionally helpful when they want to retcon items in. They're trendy, but unecessary right now, unless Jagex wants to draw in an oriental playerbase. Were they to be published, I'd love some tie ins with Player possessed Ports, Majharrat, and perhaps even another race entirely. . .but not Pandas like in WOW.

Speaking of the entire world map, I love what they just did in the latest upgrade filling in the borders. There is still space for developement but getting rid of those nasty lines in the edges really made them seem like much more well-rounded areas that make more sense. Next step, eliminating some of the fences (I have not been around Al Kharid however but I enjoy the appearance of the map ) and in particular the starter zone would be good, then shrinking Draynor Manor so it moves with the rest of Scale Theory would make the map much better.

Actually, here is a small variant on the dialogue we had. I would prefer the entire world map to be changed slightly to create Scale Theory possibly near-universally applied (on the mainland) or not. Draynor Manor is the actual magnitude of a manor, while Draynor Village is a fraction of the size of a village; the Clan Camp is way too big in proportion to the magnitude of what is a town, Falador. I am certain there are other examples.

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