The Fort also has an arsenal
The Fort also has an arsenal Jul 28

The Fort also has an arsenal

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The Fortress: This fort has distinctive features. It also has an armour table as previously mentioned as well as a fully-equipped kitchen. The kitchen lets you cook various foods based upon the ingredients available.

It will be based on the level of cooking in your group. It is possible to cook raw sea turtles when your team has 90+ cooking. If you're at level 5 or lower, it indicates that you don't have cabbage to prepare.

The Fort also has an arsenal. Now, the weapons here are different. A battering barrel or bomb is a weapon that can be used to take on an enemy fort. There are a variety of catapults, ballistas and other tools that could be employed to attack or assist you in your defense outside the fort. It all depends on the way you use the items.

The enemy Base. The ability of you to attack the base of an enemy increases for each area of the battlefield you control. Each area they control increases the enemy base's defense level. You can take down the fort if they control all of the battlefield, but this is not easy.

You can take on an enemy base, and either destroy their catapults/ballistas, or turn them in your favor. The base you attack must provide ammunition for the ballistas to load the ballistas.

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