The letters are visible on the door
The letters are visible on the door Jul 19

The letters are visible on the door

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Once the Druid has cleansed the herb, you'll receive an unclean Niraye. To get the juice. Chisel the "Un-ordinary Rock" in the outside of the house of the Druids and receive a Black rock. The rock needs to be carefully cut into a Druid’s Knife. Utilize the knife to control it.

The knife will glow and cut. Then the knife will stop cutting as it's been utilized. The herb will become a Bad Herb if you don't have a bucket. A bucket can be transformed into a Niraye Juice, if not yet.

I am Druid. I can assist you in creating special herbs now that you freed me from that terrible curse! It was not a curse! It was simply a sunburn. Well thank you anyway. Please let me know if there's anything I can help with! Actually I need you to inform me whether you have Sunbleached herbs? Unfortunately, no. However, if you could send me some white herbs that I have, I will make them.

Player takes out the White Herbs and gives them to the Druid. Solarus Sunaris The White Herbs are in your backpack as sunbleached Herbs. I was wondering whether you could inform me where to locate Sunset Herbs. Deep inside the ground, in the Moonrise chest. Where can I find them in the soil?

There is a ladder at the southernmost tip of the island. Go to the South-West tip of Solar Isle, Climb down the ladder. Is this the place the Druid was discussing? Go down the corridor, and to the west. You will eventually reach an Enchanted Door. The letters are visible on the door.

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