Covid makes him money?
Covid makes him money? Jul 03

Covid makes him money?

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If you are playing RuneScape, and you aren't questing - what are you even getting out of it? Some managers? How can you even love the burden of what it means to fight these bosses if you understand nothing about Runescape's lore? What are you bothering to do that for if you training skills? It has been said that power has value because it allows the righteous to safeguard the weak - but what's a player without using it for 30, boosting power? They're a person only interested in flexing their worthless strength. Gertrude's Cats are suffering while you're out there becoming 200M woodcutting EXP. I hope you're happy.

Elon likes to cater to viewers. He likely doesn't play. Yeah, his reply is obscure enough for deniability on. If he played with runescape, Elon certainly would have already cashed that in (quite ) publicly to score points with the internet. While I do believe he does not play RS, I feel as though he'd go for a different game if this was the motive. Would not fortnite be for appealing to kids a whole lot better? How many younger folks really play with RS these days?

Classic Elon trying to seem relatable so people do not notice how awful his clinics are. Elon has no loyalty to anything, and that I do not understand conservatives are backing him. He enjoys two things: clout/power and cash. If he sees he is going to get imaginary internet points out of alt-right twitter by submitting anti-socialist ideas twitter he will do it, if he sees he receives internet points for playing a game he will hint that he plays it, he simply wants clout and attention. Same with money. Covid costs him money? "It'll end in april/it's the flu/quarantine is fascism."

Covid makes him money? "Yes let's be safe and quarantine." I mean fuck the dude has called himself a socialist previously. He also has enormous insecurity problems, simply look at how the whistleblower situations were managed by him at his business in the past, some level shit there. I feel like they know that he's simply playing with the area for attention and should see through the pandering of Elon. The difference is these people don't love money. I really don't know as much about Warren Buffer, but Bill Gates used to love money a lot more than he currently does (in his younger days he had been a really aggressive with money earning and has since cooled down).

They've a lot of cash, but they both've advocated hugely they should not have that much cash. Bill Gates has argued he should be paying more in taxes and has dedicated to giving away 95% of his wealth. He plans on leaving his kids $1 million each, which is a small loan (/s). If he would like to give it give it off. I'm sick of these elites saying shit like"I should pay more in taxes". Why would you pay? If you want to help allocate that money right. The government isn't the most skilled at helping. Why leave it up to them to figure out it? We have plenty of people that could use some help right now. Give away it Mr. Gates should you would like to.

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