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Rsgoldfast - OSRS gold game for everyone May 31

Rsgoldfast - OSRS gold game for everyone

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The Tzhaar Clause: As not one of these being have a real fall, they will fall TokKul and the Occasional Obsidian Item, Jad will even have the exclusive fall of dropping a Fire Cape, this drop has a 1/10,000 Chance however, even using a Ring of Wealth.

Other players on Your Dungeon: This will be possible, however if another player dies from the dungeon, their things won't appear, a gravestone will not appear, the things will only dissappear (this also applys for your Home Owner of course). Also note a PvP Dungeon may be placed inside the Dungeon, this is exactly like Bounty Hunter in every way except that it is not Multi-Combat.

Fashions of your Dungeon: there are lots of styles of your dungeon, it's selected the first time you enter your tunnel, these are the sorts of dungeons you may have (Note: All but Terror Mode cost no money): General, Tzharr, Jungle. Terror (This really is actually the only one that will cost you money, it costs 25k to place, and when a player jumps the agility trap they will take 3 damage every 1 and a half an hour. It's look is the General, and the effect applys to a Jad area ) Well Rate or Hate: I know it's kinda long but I had a great deal of stuff in my mind lol...

Check out for more details.

05/31/21 - 09:00 Start date
05/31/21 - 16:00 End date
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