Madden 21 has also had a UI overhaul
Madden 21 has also had a UI overhaul Apr 27

Madden 21 has also had a UI overhaul

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Concerning data usage, it will of course change based on your quality preferences. If you are aiming to perform Madden NFL 21 with Stadia Guru at 4K then you are probably looking at about 16-20GB of information use per hour. As this is a sport you can play solo, online, or anyplace with buddies on the same Stadia connection (through Chromecast with multiple Stadia controls or on mobile or a PC browser with multiple controllers plugged in), it's impossible to understand just how much data it will suck since hours will vary for everyone.

I played with Madden NFL 21 on Chromecast through my 4K TV, on PC at a Microsoft Edge Browser, and on mobile both with the Razer Kishi and utilizing just touchscreen controls. Unexpectedly, Madden is actually quite playable using touchscreen controls once you get used to where the digital buttons are situated. I'm still frustrated that I can not remap or change in which the buttons are on my screen since doing things such as holding R2 to sprint are awkward if you'd like to also be able to cover the ball up prior to an effect or immediately juke with the right stick. When it comes to the basics of playing however, you can finish an entire match on Stadia utilizing only touchscreen controls should you really wanted or at the very least perform some management functions like admin work or go through transaction offers.

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