Boats are utilized frequently in OSRS gold
Boats are utilized frequently in OSRS gold Apr 24

Boats are utilized frequently in OSRS gold

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Have you ever gone to a mining region and discover you forgot to bring your pickaxe? Have you ever gotten to a spot for a pursuit and understand that you forgot that the very important item required to finish your quest? Well, Runescape ATM's would correct this. An ATM would look sort of like a bank deposit box, but instead of being in a position to place items within your bank, you could take items out. They could be placed in a variety of areas around runescape, by the outskirts of towns.

So as to access your bank account through an ATM device, you'd need an ATM card obtained from a lien (more on this later on). You'd get some sort of message saying"you slide your ATM card into a slot on the machine and open your bank account". From there you would take out your desired item.

To get an ATM card you'd speak with the banker, and he'd tell you they costed 3k (cost could be changed, according to the feedback I get). If you'd chose to buy one, then you'd provide the lien the 3k and he would provide you the ATM card. ATM cards could have 5 fees. This means that you may take out 5 things from your bank. Once each of the charges have been eliminated, the card will vanish and you would have to purchase a new one. ATM cards would be Untradeable. This is a rough concept, any feedback will be appreciated.

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