EA's long-running soccer simulation series continues
EA's long-running soccer simulation series continues Apr 10

EA's long-running soccer simulation series continues

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One of those problems, of course, is that I am just not too good at the game -- or, at least, I have been unable to compete online. I've had this weird issue with the FIFA franchise in which I'd be able to smash the AI on, say, Professional issue -- but, conversely, I'd get smashed on World Class. This has always rubbed me the wrong way: it felt, for the longest time, such as I had the choice to win every game 8-0 or shed it 2-0. For this reason, I have found myself tiring of this franchise fast.

Controversially, though, I have become addicted to Ultimate Team modes, and that I wished to give FIFA 21 another go. Now, I've played Ultimate Team lots in the past, but it's never held my attention like Diamond Dynasty and MyTeam in competing businesses. The thing I respect about FIFA is, due to football's global popularity, its card collecting mode is denser than anything you find in different names; the drawback to this is you wind up with a Club stuffed with crap cards.

I didn't really have a set goal when I embarked on this trip -- if you read my Madden NFL 21 post, you will know that I did a lot of research on tactics to be able to better understand the game so I could finally win an internet game -- but it is not like I've never won in a FIFA game earlier; I just wanted to get improved.

Check out https://www.mmoexp.com/Nfl-21/Coins.html for more details.

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