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You can purchase more form the person

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If two passes: Make Enfeeble, Stun and vulnerability weaken 20%. Heres another alternative 2: Create 3 new spells: Curse 2, weaken 2 and Confuse 2(need better titles ): Costs are twice of what their older versions are. They weaken by 10%. The minimal level variations only get rid of 5 points from attack, defence and strength at max. The maximum version only get rid of 10 points maximum.

I guess the low levels hardly take 1 damage, 1 opportunity to strike and one chance to dodge. The highest doesn't get 2 but a bit above 1. Im not 100% sure whether that is perfect. Its every 10 levels in power you get 1 extra point of damage right? If this is correct then I guess the same holds for attack and defence. I really don't think its every 5 levels in power you get 1 additional point of damage. What do you guys think?

Property of Lightning. Prerequisites: Must be able to kill a lvl 190 monster free of armour and a sword. Start: Talk to Ajiat. Walkthrough: PART 1: Speak to Ajiat, at the warrior guild. But I have something else for you to do. The dungeon you went to is secured by a lava flow. I want you to get it available '. He provides you 12 water buckets.After that a cutscene will happen: General Bentnoze: Back we have mended the gate! You and 2 goblins will run until the gate, General Bentnoze will close it to halt the goblin army from entering. General Bentnzoe: *title * go to the tower and fire the crossbow at the army. An info box appears: Now go for the tower and shoot 20 goblins in order to weaken there army. More coming soon.

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