The amount of choices rivals NBA 2K
The amount of choices rivals NBA 2K Mar 16

The amount of choices rivals NBA 2K

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EA Sports is constructing off the National Hockey League emphasis on celebrities in NHL 21, set for release on September 13. "In the last few decades, the NHL has witnessed a bit of a culture change," said NHL 21 creative manager William Ho through a recent demonstration of this new game at Electronics' headquarters in Vancouver, B.C."It was -- Hey, it's about the team. The crest on the front things more than the name on the back. Nobody would say the incorrect thing. No one needed to rock the boat" That is changing. Alex Ovechkin's epic two-month Stanley Cup celebration throughout the summer of 2018 was as memorable as the one-timer he has been rocketing goalies for more a decade. And NHL 21 cover athlete Auston Matthews has shown that he's embracing a daring persona which goes beyond his Arizona roots and is now seeping into office interests like high fashion.

"By being, (Matthews is) capable to entice new fans and new audiences and really connect with individuals that aren't only traditional Leafs fans," said Ho. "This sort of contrasts with a variety of athletes in other sports -- the Conor McGregors, the Russell Westbrooks, the James Hardens of the world. "They're not scared to be themselves, so why can not NHL stars who have the skills, who possess the charisma? They have everything to become celebrities in their own right."

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