Dwayne Johnson (TheRock)
Dwayne Johnson (TheRock)

Dwayne Johnson (TheRock)


An honor for #yomicoart
& I to share our tattoo journey with you.
To tattoo artists & cultures around the world ~ this ones to you 🥃
Life, death & perpetual mana.
🎥 #jonbrandoncruz


A #rednotice served to the two greatest art thieves in the world.

Hunted by the FBI’s top profiler.

Three of the best at what they do.

And the greatest conman the world has never seen…

#galgadot, #vancityreynolds & I bring you #Netflix’s biggest film ever on NOV 12

Mark your calendar ? ☑️ ?

THIS THURS my NEW project rock underarmour
collections DROPS.

I engineered this new workout gear for all of us who burn the midnight oil or punch that clock at sunrise!

This collection is ?? and will raise the bar.



#junglecruise “best movie of the year” - thanks Brad, I’ll take it.
Emily is a global treasure and Pablo Sanchez produces HITS upon HITS.. he’s way cooler, but I can down more tequila so that’s gotta be the goal posts right? ??

Mahalo everyone!!!
Incredibly successful #junglecruise launch now crossing $100m+
Theatrical + streaming + an unprecedented uptick surge Upwards arrow in box office from FRI to SAT is an incredible metric to observe and makes the industry say “holy shit”

'Jungle Cruise' Earns $92 Million During Opening Weekend

'Jungle Cruise' Earns $92 Million During Opening Weekend

Dwayne Johnson, the most followed American on social media, surged Jungle Cruise's box office momentum to unexpected heights — read more