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Good biz interview and cover photo shoot for ENTREPRENEUR magazine.
My business partner danygarciaco and myself sat with Editor In-Chief, heyfeifer.
Good to sit and give context to our Seven Bucks Companies ethos, but also share the many exciting investments under the holding company’s banner from underarmour to vossworld to teremana to athleticonatl. Expand, expand.
Being the chairwoman of garciacompanies, Dany’s business acumen and expertise to build global enterprise and brands is outstanding.
Lady boss. As CEO of Seven Bucks Companies, I’m just smart enough to know I need to surround myself with key people much smarter than I am, so I can walk in and simply say, yes or no 😉🧠
Looking forward to you guys checking out this cover and story.


Show your mama this ..
Hi Kelley,
DJ here. Or Uncle Handsome 😂
Sending you much love and gratitude this holiday season.
Your daughter Sara speaks very highly of you and says that you’re a big fan of mine. Thank you and clearly you have impeccable taste 😉
Merry Christmas 🎁

Now I understand 😂👊🏾

#jumanji #thenextlevel DECEMBER 13th 🌎


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I know where to find you, champ.
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